Talking business with Anthony Haas


Aviation potential for Greytown and its region

piper cub

Piper Cub – potential!


Destination Wairarapa seeks to develop tourism in the region.

Local aviation specialists believe they can support Destination Wairarapa by enhancing local aviation activities.

The region’s other attractions include Pukaha Mt Bruce wild life sanctuary, wine trail Masterton through to Martinborough, artisan food and crafts, Rotary Martinborough Fair, the Tui Brewery, boutique accommodation, Aratoi art gallery, Gate to Plate, Toast Martinborough, Kokomai creative arts festival, Chocol’Art festival, International drag car meets, Golden Shears, Wings over Wairarapa and WWI aircraft collection.

Discussions, plans and actions.

Masterton’s Hood aerodrome Sky Sports’ Tandem Parachuting, Wairarapa Helicopters, RNZAF Strikemasters and the incorporated society NZ Sport and Vintage Aviation have been in discussion to commence unique flying activities. The plan is for a visitor to be able to take a Tandem Parachute sky dive, ride in a helicopter, a Tiger Moth or Strikemaster jet, and visit the local internationally renowned vintage aircraft collection.

John Bushell anticipates implementation of this plan by spring 2016.

The April 2016 unveiling of the Greytown Soaring Centre (GSC) at the gliding airfield at Papawai, supported by South Wairarapa District Council, the Papawai marae, Wellington Gliding and Gliding Wairarapa designed to attract gliding enthusiasts from around the world to experience some of the unique gliding conditions in Greytown and its surrounding region. Another of the GSC volunteer team’s visions is to encourage youth gliding camps and Maori cultural experiences for local and visiting students.

Potential of Masterton airport is largely underutilised

The potential of Masterton airport is largely underutilised, says John Bushell, Greytown aviation specialist and a member of the Soaring Centre. Initiatives are underway to unleash the potential of the airport, and combined with the Greytown Soaring Centre at Papawai to build aviation tourism in the Wairarapa.



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