Talking business with Anthony Haas

Gorge Slips add to Challenges of Trains

Kieran McAnultyChris LaidlawAlastair Scott

Labour’s regional funding may help Wairarapa

Mid year Talking Business’s columnist was asked by a reader to focus on challenges facing train services between Wairarapa and Wellington. Greater Wellington Regional Council chairperson Chris Laidlaw spelt out some of the challenges and suggested it was a topic suited to attention during the current election campaign. Kiwi Rail agreed there were challenges. Labour party leader Andrew Little spoke in Carterton on the state of the Wairarapa. We followed up with questions to the Labour candiate Kieran McAnulty whose views on trains and the gorge we report in this edition of the Greytown Grapevine and here on our website. Candidate McAnulty took some partisan pot shots at the National party mp for Wairarapa Alastair Scott. We started to let it be known we would welcome comments from all political parties on blockages facing transport in and around the Wairarapa.

Greater Wellington Regional Council chairperson Chris Laidlaw says “The biggest [issue] is the inadequacy of the line on which minimum maintenance has been carried out for years in spite of regular requests to KiwiRail to include the work in its budget. We are repeatedly told that the business case for this work doesn’t stack up.”

A KiwiRail spokesperson told Talking Business “Funding for public transport is primarily an issue for Greater Wellington.”

Laidlaw says he has discussed both these issues with the three Wairarapa mayors and agreed a collective approach to the government on improving the line.

We now ask for the policies of relevant parties on issues such as train services and Manawatu Gorge replacement. We also ask what parties would say to the idea that they work together to try to find the solution to the train and gorge blockages.


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