About Decisionmaker

Publishing Talking Business

Anthony Haas began writing Talking Business whilst he lived in rural New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. The focus of the Talking Business column and his other political and economic writing and publishing is to foster local economic development. His memoir Being Palangi: My Pacific Journey was published in Greytown in 2015. He had established Asia Pacific Economic News (APEN) in 1984 and represented APEN in New Zealand’s Parliamentary Press Gallery for many years. APEN publishing ranged from South Pacific Trade and Investment Guides, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme, to Wellington, a Regional Economic Profile in 1989 in the Decision maker series in association with the Wellington Regional Enterprise Board. He is a past president of Retina New Zealand and founded the Centre for Citizenship Education.

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April 2017.

DecisionMaker’s vision:

“Our vision is to contribute to the development of an inclusive national identity for New Zealand. In our country, and elsewhere, just as we expect our democracy to work for us, we have to work for our democracy. This means taking part in the decision-making process – including voting, participating in public life and contributing to the business of our nation.

Our focus for human rights is to deal with the relationships among and between individuals, groups and the State. Those relationships are about how we live together; and about our responsibilities to each other.”

DecisionMaker mission

“Our mission is to ensure a good level of understanding of how our systems of government assists our democracies to continue to progress, and that New Zealand and Pacific Citizens will continue to prosper.

DecisionMaker audience

” The challenge is to ensure that all New Zealanders, particularly young people, new arrivals and others who do not yet fully participate, understand the structure and procedures of government, both central and local – how we operate. Older age groups, too, need to be kept up to date with significant changes in the system.

This means that there is a range of target groups and that we provide a range of approaches across the whole of government and in the community.”

DecisionMaker’s history

The DecisionMaker vision, mission and audience has its roots in moves to self determination, responsible government and multiculturalism in New Zealand and its Pacific neighbours, reported and consulted on by Anthony Haas since the 1960s in 30 countries in Asia and the Pacific.